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Is there proof that copper kills the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes. This study highlights the speed SARS-CoV-2 decay on copper, which kills the majority of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in minutes, leaving no trace after 4 hours.

Lots of phone cases claim to be antimicrobial. How is this different?

Unlike cases with antimicrobial treatments, which may be ineffective against viruses, copper has been shown to kill all forms of harmful germs, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other dangerous germs, and do it quickly. Additionally, while an antimicrobial layer may inhibit the growth of bacteria, copper destroys pathogens, down to their DNA.

If copper is so effective, why haven't I heard of this before?

Copper has been known and used to disinfect wounds and water for over 2500 years. While the Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and others did not understand the science behind its use, they were well aware of its capabilities.

This became true again during a Cholera epidemic in 19th century France, when the population of copper workers remained miraculously uninfected. Still, the medical community of the time largely ignored this. Our understanding of why this has not been widely implemented is twofold.

First, our modern reliance on chemical disinfectants makes this solution seem too simple, and thus “too-good-to-be-true.”

Second, copper is not a cheap material. In a pre-COVID world, this expense might have seemed unnecessary. However, our proprietary technology allows us to utilize a thin layer of copper, the perfect amount to provide antipathogenic properties. We pass those savings on to you.

Does it deteriorate over time?

While pure copper does oxidize and tarnish over time, our composite is resistant to these effects. It will patina, or slightly darken, over time.  However, unlike traditional “Statue of Liberty” oxidation, this patina is not green and will not stain your hands or clothes. Further, it does not affect the germ killing properties, which remain forever as long as it is kept clean of dirt and grime. You do not need to keep it polished to keep it working, but we do support keeping it in good shape. Clean it often using a soft cloth — see "How do I care for my patina?" below for more.

How do I care for my patina?

Our copper alloy was designed to minimize “Statue of Liberty” oxidation. This means that your phone won’t turn green anytime soon. However, like fine leather, it will naturally patina over time. This means that your copper case will gradually darken, particularly on the areas you touch most. 

At Aeris, we tend to leave our patinas to develop naturally and give a unique look to the case, like fine leather. If you would like to reverse the patina, here is a simple tutorial on how to return your case to its original state. There are many industrial materials that can also help, but we prefer to use common household products.

What you will need:

- Your case

- A lemon / lime (juice also works)

- Salt

Step 1: Remove your device from its case.

Step 2: Place a small amount of salt directly onto the copper surface.

Step 3: Cut off a wedge of your chosen citrus.

Step 4: Scrub your case with the wedge. Attempt to cover it evenly and completely. You should start to see results within 30 seconds. Continue to scrub until you have reached the desired color. 

Step 5: Thoroughly wash off the case with water, then dry.

That’s it! The copper will be just as effective as before, but now it’ll look like new.

To slow the patina process, store your phone in a cool, dry place as much as possible. 

Does this case interfere with phone signal/contactless pay?

Our design does not interfere with phone signal or contactless pay.

What phone cases do you offer?

Please see our product pages for updated list of offerings.

Does copper make the case heavy?

Our durable copper alloy layer is thick enough to retain its antimicrobial properties, while thin enough to keep your phone light and sleek.

What is your shipping/returns policy?

We offer rapid fulfillment, with guaranteed shipping within 48 hours of ordering, beginning July 15th. Once we ship, the average delivery time is 2-3 days.

We are currently unable to offer returns, but offer a flexible replacements and refund policy if you are not satisfied with your case.

Are you planning on making other products? I want copper ______.

We are working on ramping up phone case production for now. However, let us know how we can help. Our proprietary coating process is extremely durable and can be used on any number of surfaces.