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The Copper Case

Built-In Protection
We use copper technology that naturally builds in antimicrobial protection for your phone case.
100% recycled copper

Our sustainably sourced, natural copper begins as electrical wiring, and is salvaged and repurposed for your case.

Innovative coating technology

Our nanotechnology integrates an age-old understanding of copper's properties with cutting-edge science.

Lightweight and protective

Our case uses just the right amount of copper — not too much, not too little. We call it the "Goldilocks Zone".

The Patina

A case that's uniquely yours

Like linen or leather, copper looks better with age. Your case will develop a patina as you use it — this isn’t a flaw or defect, it enhances the aesthetic without diminishing any of your case’s functionality. Each patina will develop slightly differently — making your case uniquely yours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Like fine leather, the Copper Case will naturally patina over time. This means that your copper case will gradually darken, particularly on the areas you touch most. At Aeris, we tend to leave our patinas to develop naturally and give a unique look to the case, like fine leather. If you would like to reverse the patina, see the below video for a tutorial.

How to clean your case

See the Copper Case in action

Protection designed for your lifestyle.

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Our Materials