Global Problem

The COVID-19 crisis presents a global problem that is affecting virtually every person on the planet, whether physically or psychologically. There is an urgent need to rapidly build, scale, and deploy solutions.

Invisible Solution

SARS-CoV-2 has been dubbed “the invisible enemy.” Copper is a passive defense against this and other pathogens, destroying harmful germs all way down to their genetic material.¹ Fewer harmful germs means less transmission, and lower transmission saves lives. Our goal is to build a global network of transmission-reducing antimicrobial surfaces. 

The Future is Flat

“Flatten the curve!” has been the rallying cry of the COVID-19 crisis. It refers to the mitigation of exponential growth through preventative measures that lower transmission rates. Our efforts to promote networks of antimicrobial surfaces can help put a ceiling on not only this curve, but also future ones.



There are a number of ways that scientists describe copper's efficacy. Copper is at once antimicrobial², antibacterial³, antiviral⁴, and antipathogenic.⁵ It is also described as biocidal⁶, bactericidal and microbicidal.⁷ For non-scientists, these adjectives converge around a single truth: copper is extremely hostile to, and effective at killing, dangerous particles.

A Curve-Flattening Passive Defense

Flatter curves are achieved through lower transmission rates. Scientific evidence supports a number of methods to lower the basic reproduction number, R0, of pathogens. These include hand-washing, wearing masks, physical distancing, and repeated disinfecting. The use of antimicrobial surfaces is a less-discussed tool in our arsenal. Networks of copper alloy surfaces are proven to significantly lower transmission rates where it matters most—in intensive care units⁸—and beyond, in combination with other best practices.⁹ Further, because copper alloy surfaces continuously disinfect themselves, they complement standard cleaning practices with an added layer of protection.

Featured Research

Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2

Copper kills coronavirus. This is currently the only study to examine the lifespan of COVID-19 on copper surfaces (we're working on changing that). It shows that copper is far more effective than other materials at destroying the virus.

Copper Surfaces Reduce the Rate of HAI in the ICU

Copper can reduce the rate of infection. This groundbreaking study demonstrated that ICUs equipped with copper surfaces can have greater than a 50% reduction in healthcare-acquired infections over the course of a year.