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CopperComfort Mask (Preorder - Ships 12/1) Aeris Copper
CopperComfort Mask (Preorder - Ships 12/1) Aeris Copper

CopperComfort Mask (Preorder - Ships 12/1)

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Effective multi-layer filtration
CopperComfort fabric powered by nanotech
Designed to be naturally anti-odor
Soft elastic materials for an ergonomic fit
Machine washable and reusable

The Aeris CopperComfort Mask is specially designed for everyday wear with a water-resistant, breathable neoprene outer layer and a soft, comfort-stretch copper fabric inner liner.

The fabric technology uses micro-conductivity to kill germs. That same technology can create a closed circuit! Watch below: 

How it works

Copper's natural efficacy, reimagined.

Copper has been used in medicine for thousands of years. However, we have only recently begun to understand the mechanisms of Copper's natural antipathogenic properties.  Modern science has repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy of copper surfaces in killing germs and reducing infection rates. Our technology takes the best of copper's natural properties and re-engineers them for 21st century life.

An army of ions, at your service.

Copper surfaces are charged with countless copper oxide ions. These ions form a defense network that rapidly attacks invading germs, flooding them with a lethal dose of ions. While there are a variety of mechanisms by which copper can kills germs, this "Trojan Horse" effect, illustrated on the left, is one of the most common.